Little Flat by tprinces

Title: Little Flat
Author: tprinces
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing(s): Sherlock/John
Genres: Music

Summary: This is actually music. This person has posted on Soundcloud their version of Sherlock as it would be in music disney version.

Why You Should Read This: I love what the person has done here. The lyrics are dialog from Sherlock put into a musical. If you love Sherlock BBC, you’ll love their rendition of it in music.

There’s also a Frozen version titled Do You Wanna Play Deductions , Mycroft’s Friends and The Cabbie Song

One Comment:

  1. This was hysterical! The artist is pretty talented and it’s really well done. “Do you wanna play deductions” almost made me cry, it’s so sweet. Totally worth blowing off my assignments for.
    Slight warning – I found the volume controls really weird and nearly blasted my ears off but that could just be my PC.

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