Left by lifeonmars

Title: Left
Author: lifeonmars
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing(s): John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Magical Realism, Angst, First Time, Suspense
Word Count: 45,153

Summary: John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible.

Why You Should Read This:
Often magical realism feels injected in such a way that it’s off putting to me. That was not the case with this fic. The changes wrought to canon by the injection of fantasy elements was smoothly done and the romance is real and very satisfying. John’s character is in the forefront and it’s done so very well in the story. I really connected with him and in the end I was just invested as he was in his new reality. Awesome.

Keira Marcos

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  1. Quick question… are there season three spoilers in this story?

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