Last Will and Testament by Speranza

Title:  Last Will and Testament
Author:  Speranza
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  Accidental incest between strangers
Genre:  Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, First time, Humor
Word Count:  23,330


John and Rodney have a one-nighter at a hotel before the funeral of Rodney’s estranged father.  Who, it turns out, is also John’s father, much to the dismay of them both.

Why You Should Read This:

Speranza says, in her notes, “ SGA seems to be the fandom where I apologize for my stories in advance. So, um—sorry!”

Personally, I don’t think she has anything to apologize for.  This is a very fun story, full of both Rodney and John freaking out all over the place, bad guys, road trips, super-secret alien weapons in the hands of people who don’t know there are aliens, and general insanity.  Since this is Speranza, there are more serious emotional issues going on and they add depth to the story but don’t get in the way of the adventure.

I need to add that I generally refuse to read incest stories.  They squick me the fuck out.   The only exception is when the incest is between people who are biologically related only and did not know that when the affair starts.  The problems of incest, as far as I am concerned, have nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with abuse of family dynamics.

So this story doesn’t bother me at all.  John and Rodney are brothers but neither knew the other existed until they meet in a hotel bar.  And the situation allows Speranza to give Rodney something he has always wanted.

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