Jumpers and Possessive Behaviour by DemiraWatson

Title:   Jumpers and Possessive Behaviour
Author:  DemiraWatson
Fandom:  Teen Wolf / Stargate Atlantis crossover
Pairing:  Stiles/Derek, mention of McKay/Sheppard
Rating:  PG
Warnings: crack-ish?
Genre: crossover, first time
Word Count:  2,109


In the two weeks Derek had graced their team with his murderous presence they’d been involved with three major battles, two attempts at ritual sacrifice and Stiles had found himself at the mercy of the fucking Genii before Derek had burst through the doors and had a merry old time slaughtering the nuclear loving bastards.

Why You Should Read This:

Okay, it’s Derek as a Satedan and Stiles as, well, we don’t know, but he’s been on Atlantis for 2 years without getting in harm’s way. Until Ronon found Derek and brought him back to Atlantis and put on Stiles’ team. Then chaos breaks out.

The story is cute, way too short and stops way too soon. And it should be longer. There should be another part, but there isn’t.

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