In an Orbit All the Way Around You by glitterfics

Title:  In an Orbit All the Way Around You
Author: glitterfics
Fandom: Star Trek Alternate Original Series Movies (2009)/Sentinel fusion
Pairing(s):  James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott/Hikaru Sulu
Rating: R to NC-17
Warnings:Alternate Universe – Canon, First Time, Surprise Pairing, Alternate Universe – Sentinels & Guides,Medical Trauma, Dubious Ethics, Mad Science, Sentinel Jim Kirk, First time between partners, some Hurt/Comfort, Drama


Genre: Romance, Bonding, Mad Scientist, Experimental Medicine, Questionable Ethics

Word Count: 23,569


Centuries after the Eugenics Wars, Earth is still suffering from the effects of the wars’ brutal Guide Cull. When the Enterprise is sent to a planet claiming to have produced a serum which replicates the Guide gene, is this the answer Earth’s Sentinels have been waiting for?

And how is it going to affect Jim Kirk, the Enterprise’s Sentinel captain?

Why You Should Read This: This is a very different take on Sentinels inside the Trek Universe that I found to be interesting.  Definitely some questionable ethics from the mad scientist sort.  A new point of view with a Sentinel Fusion fic

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