I Said “I Love You,” What Does it Matter if I Lie to You? by Lelantus

Title: I said “I Love You”, what does it matter if I lie to you?
Author: Lelantus
Fandom: Marvel,
Relationship(s): Steven Rogers/ Tony Stark
Rating: Mature
Genre: AU, Canon divergence, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Kidnapping, Secret Identities
Word Count: 95225
Warnings: Bad Parenting, Violence, Sexual Content


18 year old Tony Stark is your typical teenager. Well, except for how he’s the playboy billionaire heir to Stark Industries and working on two PhDs. Oh, and 6 months ago he was kidnapped by – well, no one really knows who. Since his rescue (excuse you, Tony liberated himself), he’s also been keeping a pretty big secret. Here’s a hint: it’s shiny, red and gold, and flies. Tony’s had a productive couple of months, but the fact that his grandfather keeps trying to hire bodyguards for his “safety” is really putting a cramp in his ability to keep his secret superhero identity, well, a secret.

Steve Rogers wakes up in 2015 and finds out that he’s missed 70 years (Oh god, does this mean he’s 94?), a revelation that he handles with much less grace than usual. Mostly, Steve just wants to be Captain America again, but on his own terms and without a lot of fanfare. To fill the time while Steve tries to figure out the best way to resurrect a dead superhero, his good friend Isaac Stark offers him a job: bodyguard to Isaac’s grandson, Tony Stark – who seems to get into a surprising amount of trouble for a teenager. “There’s no better introduction to the 21st century than through Tony,” says Isaac. Somehow, Steve is not reassured.


Why You Should Read This:

Firstly, Tony is in his teens and wiping the floor with university while still being a smartass to everyone and Steven is rescued by Tony’s grand-daddy before Shield knows he is alive – quite a fresh angle from the usual ‘first meeting of Tony and Steve’ . The story’s heart is about two young men who are outcasts and clash horribly with one another in the beginning, slowly realising that there is common ground to build a friendship on. With all the pushing away and hidden secrets, Tony and Steve still find themselves orbiting one another for support. It’s a delightful story that kept me on my toes – enjoyable read. It’s a win in my book.

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