I Believe in Wishful Thinking by pentapus

Title:  I Believe in Wishful Thinking
Author:  pentapus
Fandom:  Stargate:Atlantis AU
Pairing:  John/Rodney (pre-slash)
Rating:  Teen
Warnings:  Rodney hysteria
Genre:  Alternate Universe, Humor, Pre-Slash
Word Count: 22,581


That’s ridiculous! You can’t publish anonymously in scientific journals!

Why You Should Read This:

This AU story is as cute as a bug’s ear.   Rodney is desperate to find the mathematician who has published anonymously because he thinks the person might just be able to help them get the stargate to connect to Atlantis.  His struggle to find the math wiz bounces from economics professors to a book named Theodora Goes Wild to a little town in New England where everybody knows everybody and most of them appear to be related to a guy named John Sheppard.

It is true that the slash in this is found more in the potential than the actuality, but I insist that Rodney is enthralled and John doesn’t have a chance in hell.





  1. Thanks for the rec! This is a really awesome fic 🙂

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