Hesitation by CMM

Title: Hesitation
Author: CMM
Fandom: Star Trek
Relationship(s): Kirk/Spock
Rating: Explicit
Genre: First Time, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, AU, minor character death
Word Count: 114 779


This is in response to Tydomin’s The King’s Speech challenge:

Set in a universe where non-reform Vulcan is the ruling planet in an empire, and the Emperor is Sarek. Sybok is part of the family, and has just taken the throne of Vulcan. However, he is an Edward VIII type figure and will give up the throne to Spock, who is the only other heir.

But, problem – Spock is a reject from the family (due to his human heritage and his speech impediment, which is unheard of among full-blood vulcans) and has lived a lonely and anonymous life on Earth for many years. During that time, Kirk has fallen in love with him from a distance, and they are tentatively beginning a relationship. Kirk, of course, does not know who Spock really is.

Eventually, Sybok abdicates and Spock receives the summons. How will the couple cope with the revelation? Will Spock overcome the obstacles in his path? Will a common human be acceptable as consort to the King? Spock has already been going to speech therapy just so he can say ‘I love you’ to Kirk, but of course it turns out that he will need the skills for a much farther reaching cause.

And away we go…

Why You Should Read This:

This story was inspired by the movie The King’s Speech. It is absolutely beautifully written. It is definitely something to read when you have the time and don’t mind sacrificing some sleep as once you start, you will not want to stop. This is the story that made me fall in love with CMM’s stories. It has a bit of everything: Romance, friendship, romance, drama, intrigue and just the right amount of back stabbing to make a story good. ¬†Hesitation is one of the stories at the top of my rec list.

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