He’s Not Paid Enough to Deal with This Shit by jannony

Title:  He’s Not Paid Enough to Deal With This Shit
Author:  jannony
Fandom:  Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing:  Sherlock/John
Rating:  R
Warnings: Snark, graphic injury,
Genre: romance, first time, hurt/comfort, humor
Word Count:  9828


One of the first things John did was to write up step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a proper job interview before handing it over to Mycroft for his perusal. There were no kidnapping, deserted car parks or stolen therapy notes anywhere on that list.

(Or the one where John returned from the war and ended up working for Mycroft as his personal assistant slash doctor on retainer. Everything was fine, until he was sent to post bail for one Sherlock Holmes.)

Why You Should Read This:

A fun story where John actually meets with Mycroft first, and then Sherlock. The interaction between Mycroft and Sherlock is delightful and the voices are spot-on.

Because Mycroft got to John first, the showdown with Moriarty happens very differently but the results are more satisfying.

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