Fate Protects Fools (Small Children, and Ships Named Valor) by sunryder

Title: Fate Protects Fools (Small Children, and Ships Named Valor)
Author: sunryder
Fandom: NCIS, Hawaii 5-0(2010), Star Trek
Pairing(s): Steve McGarrett/Daniel Williams, Anthony DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gobbs, mention of past Jenny Shepard/Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Police Procedurals in Space!, Star Trek Fusion, UST
Word Count: 20,951


The Federation Starship Valor was one of the crowning jewels of the Fleet. Her Tactical Chief was a Bajoran with a penchant for blowing things up and asking questions later, her Security Chief was a human who’d followed his daughter halfway across the galaxy and now was relegated to serving drinks in Ten Forward, her newest officer was a Trill with a bright smile who teased the Captain far too much, and her Captain… well let’s just say Gibbs wasn’t a happy man.

Why You Should Read This:

Because it actually works? Every character is drawn in such ways that their species fit their canon personalities and it WORKS. Plus it is funny as all hell. The police work is kinda nice too. Also Shepard get publicly smacked down for her behavior is a win too.

That and seeing Gibbs being the one in command (and an officer) is just insane.

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