Fair Trade by esteefee

Title:  Fair Trade
Author:  esteefee
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing:  McKay/Sheppard
Rating:  NC-17
Genre:  AU, First Time
Warnings:  Minor disability of a canon character due to injury.
Word Count:  18,000

Summary:  John owns a coffee roastery in San Francisco. Rodney is the Angry Customer Zero who is bound to tell him where to stick his beans.

Why you should read this:
John after a injury ruins his Air Force career retires to San Francisco and buys a coffee shop.  Rodney is the angry “customer zero” who spends much of his time in John’s shop drinking coffee non-stop as he works designing children’s science exhibits for museums.

Other characters we love make an appearance.  Ronon and Teyla are two of John’s doctors for instance.  There is also a few characters from SG1 as we find out that Rodney was forced into his present career after one of his experiments went wrong.

The physical and emotional impact of John’s injuries are dealt with in a believable manner.  While there are those who might not want to read about Johns injuries this is not just angst for angsts sake and makes a very compelling read.

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