Dragon’s Song by lolahardy

Title: Dragon’s Song
Author: Lolahardy
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Warnings: Graphic violence, dubious consent, miscarriage, enslavement, mpreg
Genre: Romance, AU, angst, first time, adventure, war, Game of Thrones crossover
Word Count: 82189

Summary: Arthur’s brother Dom has sold him to the king of a barbarian tribe for a crown.
Arthur is supposed to bring him power and a kingdom, not take over himself.

Why You Should Read This:
Arthur knows that he is an object to be sold for the gain of an army for his brother Cobb. This world is full of battle and basic survival; to give up or to fight it is to die. So Arthur is wedded to Eames the barbarian King of the desert. The heart of this story is the relatiosnhip of Arthur and Eames who starts as complete strangers and grow into two halves of a whole. Both by the end will scorch the world on fire for the other word. The author’s description of the world is incredible (and you can see the Game of Thrones influence) and keeps you on tender hooks but it is the growth of Arthur from a young man to a prince, husband and father that will captive the reader.

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