Doctor/Patient Confidence by custardpringle

Title:  Doctor/Patient Confidence (no link currently available)
Author:  custardpringle
Fandom:  Stargate: Atlantis AU
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  None
Genre:  Angst, Alternate Universe,
Word Count: 14,699


Dr. Rodney McKay, premier neurosurgeon who dabbles in physics and mathematics, has a new patient, one John Doe, amnesiac.

Why You Should Read This:

John is perfectly happy not remembering.  That is a clue.  The hard part starts when he remembers who he is.

This is a nice love story, in which John does everything in his power to not care about Rodney, to keep away from him.

It doesn’t work out that way.



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