Buttercups and Babies by asphaltcowgrrl

Title: Buttercups and Babies
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: Mature
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: 20 329
Warnings: Mpreg, Explicit sexual situations

Summary: In celebration of a fabulous collar, Travis invites Wes back to his place for pizza and a beer… what they wind up with in the end, is something else completely.

Why You Should Read This: There isn’t much Common Law fanfiction to be found, especially since the show was cancelled after the first season.   That’s why I found this story to be a delight.  It’s a nice length, very well written and I have to admit that the mpreg just makes the story even better.  The best part is that this is now the first in a series so the adventure doesn’t stop here…

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  1. Thanks for the rec. I really enjoyed it.

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