All’s Fair by gyzym

Title:  All’s Fair

Author:  gyzym

Fandom:  BBC Sherlock

Pairing:  Holmes/Watson

Genre:  Fluff, Romance, First Time, Pre-Slash

Rating:  R (if you squint) for language

Word Count:  Haven’t a clue, but it’s short.

Warnings:  Fluff

Summary:  “I declare leaf war,” Sherlock says, turning a page. “Do I need to be clearer?”

Why You Should Read This:   Because it’s sweet, sweet fluff and completely adorable… even if it’s pre-slash.  Sherlock’s trying to be obvious, and John’s totally befuddled.  It’s warm and endearing and will leave you with a smile.  Of course, I’m an old pervert.  I would dearly love a sequel that includes a generous helping of filthy smut, but as it stands it’s a perfect little truffle of a tale.

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